Voice and Pen for Hire


I’ve spent two decades-plus as a host, reporter, producer and editor for public radio across the land. Most recently, I served 11 years at Marketplace, including six as the host of the national personal finance program Marketplace Money. I left in November 2012 to pursue other ventures. I’m also a contributor to The New York Times.

As of July 2013, I’m writing a book for Random House based on a speech I gave at the World Domination Summit. Please send me your stories of career transition through this website, or visit my author page on Facebook.

I am available for speaking engagements, moderating panel discussions and debates, and serving as emcee of your event or conference. If you need a fill-in host for your radio program, please get in touch. I also do voice over work and freelance writing.

I am a voice and pen for hire.


73 thoughts on “Voice and Pen for Hire

  1. So happy to hear from you! You taught me so much about personal finance and life planning that I never even considered until I started listening to your show 3 years ago.

    Keep us fans posted on your adventures, we miss you!!!

  2. Wow. I was just searching for “Money” podcasts (needed to catch up on shows I missed) and learned you aren’t there anymore. What a loss! I loved your show! Keep in touch and let me know where you land. Best, Claire

    • Hi Amy — thank you for the kind words. I left MM in November and am now exploring options for the next phase of my career. Meantime, you can follow me on Twitter or connect on Facebook to read/hear my latest work!

  3. I miss the smile in your
    Voice and your light& warm spirit/ approach to money & life.
    I wish you and your family Happy holidays and all the best in the New Year. 🎉

  4. Tess – I was heartbroken when I turned on Marketplace Money and you weren’t there/! The other thing is that I can find any information as to why you weren’t there anymore. Do you have a gag order or can you let your loving admiring financial/non financial following what happened and why?

    Miss hearing you on Saturday morning!~

  5. Miss you on Marketplace! Maybe now you will expand your singing talents — and we will hear you interviewed on NPR when your CD is released! Jane

  6. Tess, I miss your voice on MM. I am a regular listener on podcasts and thanks for introducing mentioning the podcast date at the starting as I had requested in my feedback to your show… Please let us know where you will be next and would love to hear you again on radio…

  7. Hi Tess; I really miss your show. Your coverage made the world of money much more human and approachable for me, and I always wanted to learn more. Best of luck on finding the next adventure. Keith

  8. I miss your very human approach to sharing your perspective on money management. You never came across as the expert who had it all together. We were all learning together. I googled “What happened Tess…” and your name popped right up. There must be a lot of people wondering where you are. All the best in your new adventures.

  9. Hi Tess,
    Just listened to a podcast of MM and heard your piece on pets. A terrific piece (loved your dog’s reaction to the idea that he might need to get a job!). I’m glad to find your website so I can continue to enjoy your writing and radio work.

  10. Tess, I just heard your piece on KPCC about end of life decisions for pets. While I had a dog for 16 years, who remains one of the closest relationships of my life, I find it offensive to spend thousands of dollars on end of life care for dogs and cats when humans go hunger, are infested with preventable disease, and seem unable to control their population from overburdening the earth.

    When it came time for “Roger” to die, he just stopped eating and we had him put down. Dogs seem smart enough to understand that its about quality of life, not prolonging life at any cost.

  11. Tess,
    It took MM a long time after Bob Potter left to find you. I enjoyed your cheerful, tho chatty, approach to financial matters, and felt startled and deprived when you suddenly were gone. Tho I wish the show well, I wish YOU better.

  12. while i still listen to MM, it is just not the same without you, TESS. never understood why you left. i keep on the lookout for you ever since. hope you’re well AND HAPPY!!!!

  13. Just caught your report on All Things Considered. Was this a one-time thing or have you joined NPR? I hope the latter.

  14. Miss hearing you every weekend. Whenever we listen to radio (or voiceover) we play “is that Tess?”. Your contributions to my family’s life have been tremendous and your on-air personality is engaging. Best wishes, but come back soon.

  15. Tess, I was driving home yesterday and was very pleasantly surprised at hearing your voice on All Things Considered. I miss you on Marketplace Money. I’ll listen again today. Good Luck

  16. Ms. Vigeland,
    I missed so much your dulcet voice and keen intelligence on Marketplace Money and was thus delighted to hear you on ATC last weekend. Oh, I hope they give you a permanent berth. Would be so good to enjoy your perceptive remarks on a regular basis again.
    Lois H

      • I’m impressed with your honesty and forthright approach. I was delighted to see, in your recent speech (referred to by The Finance Buff) that you encapsulated personal finance for most of us in a few short lines. I wish you all the best!

  17. I just discovered this site and wanted to leave a few words. After years of being too afraid of my personal finances to even look at my bills and bank balances regularly, listening to you and your guests (and callers!) inspired me to take control of that aspect of my life, with the help of a community college class and session with a financial advisor. You always had such compassion and empathy, mingled with practicality—not to mention a dulcet voice. I was sorry to hear you were leaving, but am very grateful to you for your work on the air. I warmly wish you all the best for the future!

  18. Hi Tess, I am a big fan of yours! Loved your insight and practical advice on Marketplace Money. Miss! Having you as a sub on Take Two is delightful!
    Have always enjoyed your voice quality, class and sense of humor.
    Let us know where you land. Best to you!

  19. Tess, I was in the audience at WDS and your speech was really a highlight. It was so refreshing and comforting to realize that even the incredibly successful people we admire are still real people with all the same questions and insecurities and self-doubt that us regular folks have. Thank you for your honesty and for sharing your true self with us. It helped me remember that the learning is in the journey, not in the destination. Cheers to your journey! Lisa

  20. I sent NPR a note today to ask them to hire you as a regular staff and have your own show. Don’t like it to hear you off and on and just “sitting in”… If I have the money, i’ll pay NPR so they can hire you to host a show. Love your voice.

  21. Love hearing you on KPCC’s “Take Two” weekday mornings! I wish you could be hired to have your own daily show. You have a great personality and presence on radio. I will also write to KPCC to suggest having you as a regular…where you belong!

  22. Hello Tess, I just listened to your interview with Andy Gray on “A Congruent Life”. http://acongruentlife.net/acl-021-tess-vigeland/ which lead me to your WDS talk. WOW! Both the interview and talk were very inspiring! I, too, took a leap of faith 5 years ago (just before the economy tanked) and went through some of what you have experienced/are experiencing, especially around identity. (Who am I, really?) Painful, but in the end transformational. What I found most helpful during this difficult time of transition was plenty of early morning quiet time…coffee and inspirational books (probably not unlike the one you are now penning), followed by prayer/meditation. I wouldn’t trade the life I have today of operating an urban retreat center and house of hospitality in an inner-city Minneapolis neighborhood, for the “successful” career in advertising that I had just a few years back. There is a congruency to my life that has given me access to a depth of peace, joy and gratitude that I previously hadn’t known–even in the face of many fewer personal financial resources. These, I believe, are the fruits of living life authentically, and they are available to all who have the courage to “take the leap” in pursuit of their deepest dreams and desires both for themselves and the world (which I believe are in alignment when we really go deep).

    I encourage you to keep the faith in your journey toward becoming fully Tess Vigeland. The risk you took to share yourself so vulnerably at the WDS, and now in your book, will no doubt make a difference in countless lives. I also wish you all the best in all your future endeavors, and hope that includes a return to radio or podcasting. Always great to hear YOUR voice. I look forward to reading your book, too!

    Continued blessings on your journey…

    Brian Mogren
    Minneapolis, MN

    • One more thing….I imagine you are already familiar with it, but just in case, a book I found very helpful is called “The Soul of Money: Reclaiming our Wealth of Inner Resources” by Lynne Twist. Remarkable woman. Remarkable book. As I mentioned, I had the added bonus of the economy nose-diving just months after leaving a nearly 25 year career to start a retreat center/house of hospitality as well as a non-profit supporting community leaders in an already economically challenged neighborhood. The book was a godsend. Today the retreat center is flourishing and the second non-profit is on the verge of really taking off. And between then and now were plenty of days of vacillating between feeling quite remarkable and more than unremarkable. I guess its part of the human condition. What the world needs are more voices telling us not to listen to that voice that pops up inside our heads telling us we’re anything but remarkable. Imagine the possibilities…and go write that book! :-)

    • having traveled many long roads, i think i can safely say we are all FULLY whomever we are.
      the problem is not that we havent evolved into FULLY, its just that we have not yet IDENTIFIED various parts of ourselves, recognized us a FULLY formed people regardless of the stage of life we are in.
      roz mandelcorn
      los angeles.

  23. Tess, I am late in letting you know how much I enjoyed listening to you on Marketplace Money. Your approach was delightful; warm, witty and practical. I wish you the very best in your future endeavors, and will look forward to following you wherever I find you. You are much missed on MM.

  24. Hey, Tess. It was great hearing your voice on WESAT this evening. You’ve been missed sinc Marketplace Money. Hope to hear you again in the future.

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